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Gareth Funning

Gareth Funning

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth Sciences
Geology 438B
(951) 827-2037

Research Areas

  • Earthquake Processes/Active Tectonics

My research interests revolve around trying to understand the processes at work in deforming the lithosphere, and controlling the behaviour of active faults both during and between earthquakes. The development and refinement over the past decade of high-precision space geodetic tools such as InSAR and GPS have given us a wealth of data on the movement of the earth's surface, which we can use to test models of continental deformation and faulting.

Recent Projects:
Current research projects include assessing the state of locking of the Hayward fault in California using PS-InSAR and GPS (in collaboration with Tele-Rilevamento Europa in Milan), joint inversions of InSAR and broadband seismic data for the rupture histories of large continental earthquakes, and using the phenomenology of earthquakes studied with InSAR to infer earthquake scaling relations.


Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, 2005



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