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Harry W. Green

Harry W. Green

Distinguished Professor of Geology and Geophysics

Department of Earth Sciences

(951) 827-4508

Research Areas

  • Earthquake Physics, Ultra-High-Pressure Metamorphism, Mantle Rheology

Research Interests:
Experimental deformation of rocks and minerals at high temperature and pressure, earthquake physics, ultrahigh pressure metamorphism, rheology of the mantle, mechanisms of phase transformations, metastable phase equilibria, nonhydrostatic thermodynamics.

Recent Projects:
Laboratory: Physical mechanisms underlying intermediate- and deep-focus earthquakes; rheology of eclogite; origin of decompression microstructures in ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks.
Field: Decompression microstructures in rocks subjected to ultra-high pressure metamorphism; growth of diamonds in metamorphic rocks; Origin and significance of Pseudotachylyte in Eclogite.
Theoretical: Disequilibrium thermodynamics; the effect of stress on polymorphic phase transformations; mechanism of growth of metamorphic diamonds; why do faults form at 30° to compression?;


Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1968


Earthquake Physics

  • Green, II, H.W. 2005. New light on deep earthquakes. In Our Everchanging Earth, special edition (electronic version), pp.97-105, Scientific American,
  • Zhang, J., H.W. Green, K.N. Bozhilov, Z-M Jin, 2004. Faulting induced by precipitation of water at grain boundaries in hot subducting oceanic crust. Nature 428:633-636.
  • Jung, H., H.W. Green, II, L.F. Dobrzhinetskaya 2004. Intermediate-depth earthquake faulting by dehydration embrittlement with negative volume change. Nature 428:545-549.
  • Green, H.W., II, C.J. Marone. 2002. Instability of deformation, in Plastic Deformation of Minerals and Rocks, Wenk, H.R. and Karato S. eds., pp. 181-199, Mineral Soc. Amer., Washington, DC.
  • Green, H.W., II. 2001. Deep Tonga backarc: Graveyard for buoyant slabs bearing metastable olivine? Science 292:2445-2446. Invited Perspective
  • Green, H.W., II, and H. Houston. 1995. The mechanics of deep earthquakes. Ann. Rev. Earth and Planet. Sci., 23:169:213.
  • Green, H. W., II, T. E. Young, D. Walker and C. H. Scholz. 1990 Anticrack-associated faulting at very high pressure in natural olivine. Nature 348:720-722.
  • Burnley, P. C. and H. W. Green II. 1989 Stress dependence of the mechanism of the olivine-spinel transformation. Nature 338:753-756.
  • Green, H. W., II and P. C. Burnley. 1989 A new self-organizing mechanism for deep-focus earthquakes. Nature 341:733-737.

Ultra-High-Pressure Metamorphism

  • Bozhilov, K.N., L.F. Dobrzhinetskaya, and H.W. Green, II. 2003. Quantitative 3D measurement of ilmenite abundance in Alpe Arami olivine: Confirmation of high pressure origin. Am Mineral. 88:596-603.
  • Bozhilov, K.N., H.W. Green, II., L. Dobrzhinetskaya. 1999. Clinoenstatite in the Alpe Arami periodotite: additional evidence for very high-pressure. Science, 284:128-132.
  • Dobrzhinetskaya, L., H.W. Green, II, S. Wang. 1996. Alpe Arami: A peridotite massif from depths of more than 300 km. Science, 271:1841-1845 (Cover article).

Mantle Rheology

  • Zhang, J., H.W. Green, II. On the Deformation of UHP Eclogite: from Laboratory to Nature. Int. Geology Rev. (in press)
  • Jin, Z-M, J. Zhang, H.W. Green, II. and S. Jin. 2001. Eclogite rheology: implications for subducted lithosphere. Geology 29:667-670.
  • Jin, Z-M and H.W. Green, II. 1994. Melt topology in partially molten mantle peridotite during ductile deformation. Nature, 372:164-167 (Cover article).

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