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James H. Dieterich

James H. Dieterich

Distinguished Professor of Geology and Geophysics

Department of Earth Sciences
Geology 414
(951) 827-2976

Research Areas

  • Earthquake Processes

My interests are broadly concerned with deformation processes in the Earth's crust, particularly as they relate to earthquake physics, earthquake hazard estimation, and volcanic phenomena . Although this research often has a theoretical or modeling component, I prefer a multi-disciplinary approach that relies heavily on laboratory experiments, field observations, and monitoring data to define research problems, to guide model development, and to test model predictions.

Current Projects and Research Opportunities
Previous work on the rate- and state-dependent representation of fault constitutive properties is now being applied in modeling of seismicity, including aftershocks and triggering of earthquakes; and in inverse models that use earthquake rates to map stress changes in space and time. A new effort has been launched to investigate fault slip and earthquake processes in geometrically complex fault systems. This includes development of large-scale quasi-dynamic simulations of seismicity in fault systems, and investigation of the physical interactions and stressing conditions that control system-level phenomena. Volcano research currently focuses on the coupled interactions among magmatic, faulting and earthquake processes at Kilauaea volcano in Hawaii .


  • Ph.D., Geology/Geophysics, Yale University, New Haven, CT
  • M.Phil. Geology, Yale University
  • B.S. University of Washington, Seattle, WA


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  • Committee on the Science of Earthquakes, 2003, Living on an Active Earth: Perspectives on Earthquake Science, National Research Council , 432p. [Member of committee and contributor to this book.]
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