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Peter M. Sadler

Peter M. Sadler


Department of Earth Sciences
Pierce 2331
(951) 827-5616

Research Areas

  • Quantitative Stratigraphy

Research Interests:
Quantitative biostratigraphy; rates and scaling laws of geologic processes; completeness of the stratigraphic record; synorogenic sedimentation; fire-modulated vegetation patch-mosaics.

Recent Projects:
CONOP software for stratigraphic correlation and seriation; Ordovician and Silurian time scales; graptolite and conodont species richness and longevity; scaling laws for progradation, aggradation, and volumes of siliciclastic passive margins; CHRONOS and EARTHTIME geoinformatics initiatives; modeling fire mosaics and vegetation conversion.


Ph.D., University of Bristol, U.K., 1973


  • Research Scientist, Georg August University, Goettingen 1973-76
  • Crosby Lecturer, MIT, 2005


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  • SADLER, P. M., 2004. Quantitative Biostratigraphy - achieving finer resolution in Global Correlation. Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences, v. 32, p. 187-213.

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