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Thomas A. Scott

Thomas A. Scott

Adjunct Professor

Department of Earth Sciences

(951) 827-5115

Research Areas

  • Conservation Biology, Biogeography, Wildlife Management

Recent Projects:
Wildlife conservation in fragmented and altered landscapes, including studies of wildlife movement, habitat use, and population biology in oak woodland, sage scrub, and riparian habitats; behavioral changes and adjustments in habitat use of woodland bird species in response to human activities; the conservation and management of island bird species through captive propagation, predator control, and habitat restoration.


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1987


  • Morrison, M.L., Scott, T.A., and Tennant, T., 1994. Wildlife-Habitat restoration in an urban park in Southern California. Restoration Ecology, 2:17-30.
  • Scott, T.A. , 1994. Irruptive Dispersal of Black-shouldered Kites to a near shore island. The Condor, 96:197-200
  • Scott, T.A., 1995. Prefire management along California's wildland urban interface: introduction and session overview. In J. Keeley and T. A. Scott (eds.), Brushfires in California: Ecology and Resource Management, 3-10. International Assoc. of Wildland Fire, Fairfield, Washington.
  • Scott, T.A., R. Standiford and N. Pratini. 1995. Private landowners critical to saving California biodiversity. California Agriculture 49(6):50-58.
  • Scott, T.A. and N. Pratini. 1995. Habitat fragmentation: the sum of the pieces is less than the whole. California Agriculture 49(6):56.
  • Scott, T.A. and Morrison, M.L., 1996. Opportunistic foraging in Loggerhead Shrikes. Pp. 186-193 in R. Yosef and F.E. Lohrer (eds.). Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Lanidae and their Allies.
  • Bolger, D. T., T. A. Scott and J. T. Rotenberry. 1997. Breeding bird abundance in an urbanizing landscape in coastal southern California. Conservation Biology 11:1-16.
  • Scott, T.A. and N. Pratini. 1997. The effects of native soils on Engelmann oak seedling growth. Pp. 660-663 in Pilsbury, N. (ed.), USDA Forest Service Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-160.
  • Rotenberry, J. T. and T. Scott. 1998. Biology of the California Gnatcatcher: filling in the gaps. Western Birds 29(4):237-241.

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