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Jade Sasser

Jade Sasser

Assistant Professor

Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies
2011 INTN

Research Areas

  • feminist political ecology, feminist science studies, population, climate change, environmental activism, reproductive justice, and global health


Ph.D. 2012, U.C. Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy & Management


Jade Sasser joined the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2014. Her research and teaching explore the relationships between large scale environmental problems—such as climate change-- and women’s bodies, health, and activism. Sasser’s 2018 book, On Infertile Ground: Population Control and Women’s Rights in the Era of Climate Change, analyzes the role of environmentalists in shaping knowledge and policy advocacy around women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Her second project,  Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: Stoves, Fuels, and Women’s Agency in the Global South investigates how gendered household technologies, specifically improved stoves and alternative fuels, animate global anxieties about climate change, toxic exposures, and women’s empowerment. In addition, Sasser has partnered with the NAACP to conduct research on the relationships between gender justice and climate justice activism in the U.S. Her work has been published in AntipodeThe Geographical JournalGender, Place, and Culture, and Écologie & Politique. Sasser’s broader interests include international development, reproductive politics, environmental activism, global health, and intersectional feminism.



  • Sasser Jade. 2018. On Infertile Ground: Population Control and Women’s Rights in the Era of Climate Change. New York, NY: New York University Press. 

Articles and Book Chapters: 

  • Bhatia Rajani, Sasser Jade, Hendrixson Anne, Ojeda Diana, Foley Ellen, Nadimpally Sarojini. Forthcoming. “Demo-, Geo-, and Bio-populationism: A Feminist Conceptual Framework on Populationism in the Era of Climate Change.” Gender, Place & Culture
  • Ojeda Diana, Sasser Jade, Lunstrum Elizabeth. Forthcoming. “Malthus’s Specter and the Anthropocene: Towards a Feminist Political Ecology of Climate Change.” Gender, Place & Culture.
  • Sasser Jade. 2018. “Public Health in the Anthropocene: Exploring Population Fears and Climate Threats.” O’Manique Colleen & Pieter Fourie, eds. Global Health & Security: Critical Feminist Perspectives. Routledge.
  • Sasser Jade. 2017. “Sexual Stewardship: Environment, Development, and the Gendered Politics of Population.” MacGregor Sherilyn, ed. Handbook on Gender & Environment. Routledge. 3 
  • Sasser Jade. 2016. “Population, Climate Change, and the Embodiment of Environmental Crisis.” In Godfrey Phoebe and Torres Denise, eds. Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change. Routledge.
  • Hartmann Betsy, Hendrixson Anne, Sasser Jade. 2016. “Population, Sustainable Development, and Gender Equality.” In Leach Melissa, ed. Gender Equality and Sustainable Development. London and New York: Routledge/Earthscan 
  • Brahinsky, Rachel, Sasser, Jade, Minkoff Zern, Laura Anne. 2014. “Race, Space, and Nature: An Introduction and Critique.” Antipode. Volume 46, Issue 5. November: 1135–1152. (First published online July 22, 2014).
  • 2014. “Giving What to Whom? Thoughts on Feminist Knowledge Production.”  Journal of Research Practice, 10(2), Article N13.
  • 2014. “The Limits to Giving Back.” Journal of Research Practice, 10(2), Article M7.
  • 2013. “From Darkness into Light: Race, Population, and Environmental Advocacy." Antipode. Published online in early view July 23, 2013.
  • 2013. “The Wave of the Future? Youth Advocacy at the Nexus of Population and Climate Change.” The Geographical Journal. (Published online in early view April 26, 2013).
  • 2011. “Progressive Population? Population Growth, Climate Change, and the New ‘Win-Win’ Approach.” Écologie & Politique, 41:73-84

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