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Begoña Echeverria

Begoña Echeverria

Associate Professor

Graduate School of Education
2122 Sproul Hall

Research Areas

  • Sociology of language, culture and education; language and identity; language ideology; Basque Country, Spain; U.S.


  • B.A. Human Biology 1988, Stanford University
  • M.A. Sociology 1996, University of California, San Diego
  • Ph.D. Sociology 2000, University of California, San Diego


I conduct ethnographic and archival research on Basque identity, language and culture. This research informs how educational institutions affect the language practices and ideologies of linguistic and ethnic minorities in the United States and abroad.

Recent News Story

Interview for Smithsonian Blog blog/2016/sound-culture-the- story-of-noka/


Selected Publications

Echeverria, Begoña (2014).  "The Hammer of Witches: A Historical Novel"

Echeverria, Begoña (2014). “Capturing Basque witches, releasing lyrical resources: From historical cases to folklore.” Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural: 110-146.

Echeverria, Begoña (2010). “For whom does language death toll? Cautionary notes from the Basque case.” Linguistics in Education: Current Research in Language and Education in Spain 21 (3): 197-209.

Echeverria, Begoña (2009). “Saving souls, speaking in tongues: Religious conflict in gendering Basque language change.” Hizkunea [Basque government sociolinguistic publication].

Echeverria, Begoña (2007). “Learning and working in Basque: Implications for Basque identity.” In Language of the Land: Policy, Politics and Identity (pp. 179-194). Katherine Schuster and David Witkosky (eds.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Echeverria, Begoña (2006). “Indexing religious identity in the French Basque Country: Towards a theory of pronominal shift.” In Studies in Historical and Basque Linguistics Dedicated to the Memory of R.L. Trask (pp. 273-292). Joseba Lakarra and Jose Ignacio Hualde (eds.). Bilbao & San Sebastian: Universidad del Pais Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea & Diputacion de Gipuzkoa.

Selected Articles

Echeverria, Begoña (2016). “What of the siren who has no song? Lessons from the Basque lamina.” Western Folklore: 165-190.

Echeverria, Begoña (2016). “Of harlots, whores but not lovers: Dressing down the pronoun for a female addressee in a Basque Old Testament.” Gender in the Periphery:  Grammatical and Social Gender from the Margins 323-349.


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