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Cassandra Guarino

Cassandra Guarino

Professor of Education and Public Policy

Graduate School of Education
2123 Sproul Hall
(951) 827-5992

Research Areas

School and teacher quality, value-added, teacher labor markets, school choice, health and education


  • Ph.D., Economics of Education, Stanford University, 1999
  • A.M., Economics, Stanford University, 1997
  • A.M., Educational Administration and Policy Analysis, Stanford University, 1992
  • B.A., English with Honors, University of California at Berkeley, Phi Beta Kappa


Cassandra Guarino is Professor of Education and Public Policy at the University of California Riverside. She obtained her PhD in the Economics of Education from Stanford University in 1999 with an emphasis on labor economics, and has held prior positions as an economist at the Rand Corporation and on the faculties of Michigan State and Indiana Universities. Her research focuses on teacher quality, teacher labor markets, school choice, and issues in which health and education are linked. Recent work has included several studies related to value-added measures of teacher performance, teacher effectiveness in the early grades, school choice, teacher mobility, and special needs identification. She has led numerous grants from a variety of sponsors, including the Institute of Education Sciences and various state agencies and foundation. She has taught courses in education policy, economics of education, value-added, policy analysis, quantitative research methods, school choice, and microeconomics.

Current Curriculum Vitae


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
  • Bargagliotti, A., Gottfried, M., and Guarino, C. (Accepted) Educating the Whole Child:
    Kindergarten Mathematics Instructional Practices and Students’ Academic and Socioemotional
    Development, Teachers College Record.
  • Guarino, C., Maxfield, M., Reckase, M., Thompson, P., and Wooldridge, J. (2015) An Evaluation of Empirical Bayes’ Estimation of Value-Added Teacher Performance Measures, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 40, 190-222.
  • Guarino, C., Reckase, M., Stacy, B., and Wooldridge, J. (2015) A Comparison of Growth Percentile and Value-Added Models of Teacher Performance, Statistics and Public Policy, 2:1, e1034820, DOI: 10.1080/2330443X.2015.1034820.
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Peer Reviewed Monographs and Reports
  • Guarino, C., Galama, T., Constant, L, Gonzalez, G., Tanner, J., & Goldman, C. (2009) Developing
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Books and Invited Book Chapters
  • Guarino, C. (2014) Teacher Effectiveness, in eds. Brewer, D. and Picus, L. Encyclopedia of
    Economics, Education, and Finance. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

  • Zimmer, R., Guarino, C., & Buddin, R. (2010) School Choice: Options and Outcomes. Chapter 3 in
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    Press, Inc.

Non-Peer Reviewed Reports and Technical Assistance
  • Bargagliotti, A., Guarino, C. & Mason, W. (2010) Do first grade teachers engage in effective
    mathematics teaching practices? California Center for Population Research On-line Working Paper
    Series, UCLA
  • Lynn, F., Keesler, V., Diemer, M., Guarino, C., Jones, N., Wang, Q., Wyse, A., Zhou, Y. (2007)
    Beyond Compliance: Descriptive Characteristics of Public School Teachers in Michigan:
    Technical Report No. 1, Michigan State University

  • Guarino, C., Stecher, B., Vuollo, M. & McCaffrey, D. (2007) Feasibility of Evaluating a District-
    wide Intervention on Student Achievement, PM-2223- EDU, RAND, Santa Monica, CA.

  • Wynn, B., Guarino, C., Morse L., & Cho, M. Alternative Ways of Financing Graduate Medical
    Education (2006) RAND, WR-369- ASPE

  • Guarino, C. (2005) Reinterpreting the Skill-biased Technological Change Hypothesis: A Study of
    Technology, Firm Size, and Wage Inequality in the California Hospital Industry, WR-316, RAND,
    Santa Monica, CA.

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Working Papers and Manuscripts in Preparation
  • Stacy, B., Guarino, C., Reckase, M., and Wooldridge, J., (2013) Does the Precision and Stability of
    Value-Added Estimates of Teacher Performance Depend on the Types of Students They Serve?
    IZA Discussion Paper No. 7676.

  • Faculty Service Loads and Gender: Are Women Taking Care of the Academic Family? with
    Borden, V.

  • The State of the Art in the Research on Value-Added Models of Teacher Performance: Taking
    Stock of What We Know and Don’t Know, with Reckase, M., Wooldridge, J., Ham, E., Maxfield,
    M., Stacy, B., Thompson, P., and Vosters, K.

  • Classical Solutions to New Problems: Exploring Measurement Error Corrections in the Context of
    Teacher Value-Added, with Stacy, B., Ham, E.H., Reckase, M., and Wooldridge, J.

  • Precision for Policy: Calculating Standard Errors in Value-Added Models of Teacher Performance,
    with Bibler, A., Reckase, M., Vosters, K., and Wooldridge, J.

  • Understanding and Evaluating SAS® EVAAS® Models for Measuring Teacher Effectiveness, with
    Vosters, K. and Wooldridge, J.

  • An Evaluation of Teacher Value-Added Estimation with Peer Effects, with Thompson, P. and
    Wooldridge, J.


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