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Robert K. Ream

Robert K. Ream

Associate Professor

Graduate School of Education
2124 Sproul Hall
(951) 827-6054

Research Areas

My work integrates perspectives in education, sociology, and political science to advance understanding of inequality in K-­12 and higher education settings. My research appears in a variety of scholarly journals including American Educational Research Journal, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Sociology of Education, Social Forces, and Teachers College Record. 


  • Ph.D., Leadership and Policy, UC Santa Barbara
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
    • Princeton University
    • RAND Corporation


Robert K. Ream joined the UC Riverside faculty in 2004 after postdoctoral fellowships at Princeton University and the RAND Corporation. His research interests include social capital and the social dynamics of racial, social class, and linguistic inequality in K-­12 and higher education settings. His work appears in scholarly journals including American Educational Research Journal, Sociology of Education, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Social Forces, and Teachers College Record. His book Uprooting Children: Mobility, Social Capital, and Mexican American Achievement, was published in 2005 by LFB Scholarly Publishing, New York, in the book series, “The New Americans: Recent Immigration and American Society.” While on leave from UCR (2103-2015), Professor Ream served as an Associate Program Officer at the Spencer Foundation in Chicago ( ).  Spencer is widely recognized as a leading sponsor of high quality research in many education subfields. Before embarking on a career in research, Dr. Ream served as a legislative aide to former California State Senator Gary K. Hart.

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Refereed Journal Articles

Refereed Books

Mitchell, D., & Ream, R. (Eds.) (2015). Professional Responsibility: The Fundamental Issue in Education
and Health Care Reform, 338 p. Vol. 4 in Series: Advances in Medical Education. New York: Springer International Publishin

Ream, R. (2005). Uprooting Children: Mobility, Social Capital and Mexican American Achievement. LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. New York, New York.

Uprooting Children

"One of the most serious problems in education today is the persisting achievement gap between Mexican American and white high school students. In this excellent perceptive book, Ream explores “why” this is the case drawing on national surveys and extensive field studies of five high schools. Theoretically innovative, Ream provides new insights into the concept of social capital capturing how peer groups and schools alter and divert social resources from groups most in need of them. Real numbers and heart rendering stories are woven together to provide a roadmap for how to change the schooling careers of Mexican American students living in economically constrained communities.  Ream has accomplished what few have done successfully, that is, writing a first-rate piece of research on an important topic, accessible to a wide audience regardless of their statistical expertise, with clear policy recommendations."

Barbara Schneider, John A. Hannah Chair and University Distinguished Professor of Education and Sociology 
Michigan State University.

Mitchell, D., Ream, R., Eds. (2015). Professional Responsibility: The Fundamental Issue in Education and Health Care Reform. Springer International Publishing. Cham, Switzerland.


At the center of this book is the complex question of how to design professional preparation programs, organizational management practices, public policy systems and robust professional associations committee to and capable of maintaining confidence, trust and the other hallmarks of responsible professionalism. We respond by describing how individuals might be prepared to engage in responsible professional service delivery, examine promising options for the reform of professional service systems and finally, outline a reform strategy for improving practice in education and medicine—two essential public services. Professionalism means acceptance of professional responsibility for student and patient outcomes—not just acceptance of responsibility for technical expertise, but commitment to the social norms of the profession, including trustworthiness and responsibility for client wellbeing. In the past, it may have been sufficient to assume that adequate knowledge can be shaped into standards of professional practice. Today, it is clear that we must take careful account of how practicing professionals develop, internalize and sustain professionalism during their training, along with the ways in which this commitment to professionalism may be undermined by the regulatory, technological, and emotional incentive systems that impinge on professional workplaces.

Chapters in Refereed Books and Encyclopedias

Policy Documents, Evaluation Studies, and Policy Briefs

  • Mitchell, D., Ream, R., *Ryan, S. & *Espinoza, J. (2009).  Organizational strategies for addressing California’s educational achievement gap. Report to the State Department of Education P-16 Council.  Sacramento, CA.
  • Ream, R. & Stanton-Salazar, R. (Fall, 2006).  The uprooted: Student mobility and academic underachievement among Mexican Americans. In Policy Matters: A quarterly publication of the University of California, Riverside, edited by M. Johnson, M. Marks & K. Ramakrishnan.  Riverside, California.
  • McDonnell, L. & Ream, R. (1999). Evaluation of Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE). UC Santa Barbara.
  • Rumberger, R., Larson, K., Ream, R., Palardy, G. (1999). The educational consequences of Student mobility for California students and schools.  Policy Analysis for California Education, UC Berkeley & Stanford University: PACE.
  • Rumberger, R., Larson, K., Palardy, G., Ream, R., Schleicher, N., (1998). The hazards of Changing schools for California Latino adolescents.  Report to the California Policy Seminar, Berkeley.

Opinion/Editorial Publications

  • Ream, R. (1996, June 6). To Cuba from Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Independent, pp.64-65.
  • Ream, R. (1995, June 11). Finding out if school homework really works. Op-Ed., The Santa Barbara News-Press, p. A-15.
  • Ream, R. (1993, April 9). Consuelo’s story: Today, she and those of her friends lucky enough to survive El Salvador’s 12-year civil war are part of a burgeoning women’s movement. Op-Ed., The Santa Barbara News-Press, p. A-15.

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