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Steven Bossert

Steven Bossert

Professor Emeritus

Graduate School of Education
1207 Sproul Hall

Research Areas

  • Sociology of Education; organizational leadership and change; school and classroom organization effects.


PhD 1975
University of Chicago
BA 1970
University of California at San Diego (Revelle College)


Dr. Steven Bossert joined UCR as Dean of the Graduate School of Education on July 15, 2004. Prior to UCR, he was a Professor of Education at Syracuse University since 2000, having served as Dean of the School of Education there from 1990-2000. His prior administrative and academic experience includes service as Chair and Professor of Educational Administration at the University of Utah, Director of the University of Utah's state education policy center, Associate Laboratory Director for Research and Development at Far West Laboratory, and assistant professor of sociology at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Bossert has published extensively on educational leadership, group processes in instruction, and classroom management. His research interests include school and classroom organization effects, organizational processes and change, school effectiveness, policy analysis, professional development, and technology; his research has been funded by a number of agencies, including the National Institute of Education, NIMH, the U.S. Department of Education, and Microsoft Corporation. In 2005, he led a team of UC and community college leaders in proposing the California Community College Collaborative (C4). UC President Robert Dynes and California Community College Chancellor Marshall Drummond signed an MOU, establishing and funding C4 at UCR as a system-wide consortium to provide influential policy research and leadership training that will enhance the State’s community college system. Several projects have begun, including a cooperative grant with RCC’s Moreno Valley and Norco campuses totaling $3.3M over 5 years, and a national search for the founding director culminated in hiring Dr. John Levin as the Bank of American Professor of Education Leadership.

Dr. Bossert's teaching experience covers undergraduate and graduate courses in education and sociology. He has initiated school-wide programs to improve teaching for both faculty and graduate students, a Future Professoriate Program to mentor doctoral students who are preparing for college teaching, and a campus-wide study skills program for at-risk students.


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