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Keith Harris

Keith Harris

Associate Professor, Department of English

Media and Cultural Studies
3126 INTS
(951) 827-1016

Research Areas

  • Areas of specialization include film, African-American and Africana Cinema, gender studies and queer theory. However, his recent research and writing interests primarily concern masculinity, performance and gender(s) as ethical constructs within performance and cultural production.



Professor Harris joins UCR after his graduate work in Cinema Studies at New York University.


  • Manuscript, Boys, Boyz, Boies: An Ethics of Masculinity in Popular Film, Television and Video (Routledge 2006)
  • "‘Untitled’: D'Angelo and the visualization of the black male body" in Wide Angle (2004).
  • Scheduled publications (2006-2007) include "‘Stand up, boy!’: Sidney Poitier, 'boy' and Filmic Black Masculinity," in Gender and Sexuality in African Literatures and Film and "Clockers (Spike Lee 1995): Adaptation in Black," in The Spike Lee Reader.

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