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Khan, Tabassum Tabassum Khan
Assistant Professor
    Explored forces of globalization in localized spaces, with a special focus on youth and minority populations. She studies transnational imagery (including commodities, brands, lifestyles, professions) in the construction of emergent identities. Her research investigates the everyday life experiences and the construction of self among the Muslim youth in relation to global media. She examines the intersecting and conflicting discourses shaped by globalization and the entrenched sociocultural and religious practices that influence the shifting identities of the youth.

Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3145 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-1050
Shigematsu, Setsu Setsu Shigematsu
Associate Professor

    Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3122 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-5679
Burrill, Derek Derek Burrill
Associate Professor

    Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3121 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-1261
Smith, Andrea Andrea Smith
Associate Professor

    Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3137 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-5140
Duong, Lan Lan Duong
Assistant Professor
    Her research interests include feminist film theory, postcolonial literature, and Asian/American film and literature. Her critical works can be found in Amerasia, Asian Cinema, Discourse, Velvet Light Trap, and Transnational Feminism in Film and Media.

Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3141 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-5681
Harris, Keith Keith Harris
Associate Professor, Department of English
    Areas of specialization include film, African-American and Africana Cinema, gender studies and queer theory. However, his recent research and writing interests primarily concern masculinity, performance and gender(s) as ethical constructs within performance and cultural production.

Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3126 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-1016
Su, WendyWelqun Wendy Weiqun Su
Assistant Professor
    Her research falls on the intersection of global communication, Chinese media studies, and cultural studies. Specifically, she is interested in China’s cultural policy study, cultural industries research, transnational film studies, audience research, and the impact of transnational capital and American culture on China’s media and cultural landscape.

Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3134 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-1014
Labor, Tim Tim Labor
Associate Professor, Department of Music

    Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 141 ARTS
Phone: (951) 827-5703
Schiwy, Freya Freya Schiwy
Associate Professor

    Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3118 INTS
Phone: (951) 827-5680
Miller, Toby Toby Miller
Professor and Chair

    Media and Cultural Studies
Office: 3136 INTS Building
Phone: (951) 827-5665

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