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Allen P. Mills, Jr.

Allen P. Mills, Jr.


Department of Physics & Astronomony
Physics 3023/1153
(951) 827-6469

Research Areas

  • Experimental Solid State and Atomic Physics

Goals: To make the first Bose-Einstein condensed positronium annihilation gamma ray laser; To make a DNA neural network computer ten thousand times bigger than a human brain

Prof. Mills has pioneered several techniques in the field of positron physics including the single crystal negative affinity positron moderator (1978,9), brightness enhancement of slow positron beams (1980) and the rare gas solid moderator (1986). He is currently working on applying these techniques to the problem of obtaining a Bose-Einstein condensed gas of positronium atoms. He is also interested in defect spectroscopy, is preparing with Prof. Tom to study the dynamics of laser exploded thin foils using a newly assembled microprobe funded by the National Science Foundation under grant DMR-0216927.

Prof. Mills has worked on various experimental aspects of DNA computation since 1996. Most recently he was part of the team lead by Bernard Yurke of Bell Laboratories that developed a molecular-size machine made from DNA molecules that operates using DNA as a fuel.

Prof Mills is also interested in certain aspects of semiconductor physics and is currently involved with Prof. Yarmoff and Prof. Haddon in implementing the idea of Contactless Organic Semiconductor devices for low-cost high speed laminated electronics with support from UCR's Center for Nanoscale Innovation for Defense (CNID) and DOD/DARPA/DMEA under Award No. DMEA90-02-2-0216.


Ph.D. 1967, Brandeis University


  1. B. Yurke, A. J. Turberfield, A. P. Mills, Jr., F. C. Simmel and J. L. Neumann, "A DNA-fuelled molecular machine made of DNA", Nature 406, 605-608 (2000).
  2. A. P. Mills, Jr., L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West and C. W. Magee, "Mechanisms for Si dopant migration in molecular beam epitaxy AlxGa1-xAs", J. Appl. Phys. 88, 4056-4060 (2000).
  3. A. P. Mills, Jr., "Gene expression profiling diagnosis through DNA molecular computation", Trends in Biotechnology 20, 137-140 (2001).

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