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Jory A. Yarmoff

Jory A. Yarmoff


Department of Physics & Astronomony
Physics 3036/1013/17
(951) 827-4529

Research Areas

  • Experimental Surface Science, Nanometer-Scale Physics, Environmental Physics

Professor Yarmoff investigates the physical and chemical properties of solid surfaces. Such studies provide an atomic-scale picture of surface geometric, electronic and chemical structures, chemical reactions that occur at surfaces, and the interaction of radiation with surfaces. This work is part of the growing field of nanoscience, and is relevant to the mission of UCR's Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

Prof. Yarmoff's research program involves both the application of existing techniques to important physical, chemical, technological and environmental problems, as well as the development of new techniques. Current efforts include the use of neutralization during ion scattering as a measure of the electronic structure of adatoms, molecules and nanostructures, the investigation of high mobility organic single crystal semiconductor surfaces, and the interaction of radiation with the surface of surrogate nuclear materials. The particular projects are described in more detail on the Group home page.


Ph.D., 1985, University of California, Los Angeles


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