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Leonid Pryadko

Leonid Pryadko

Associate Professor

Department of Physics & Astronomony
Physics 3040
(951) 827-5644

Research Areas

  • Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

My research interests are in an area of theoretical condensed matter physics of disordered and strongly-correlated, mostly low-dimensional systems. This includes two-dimensional electron systems (2DES's) in semiconductors and on the surface of liquid Helium, both in zero magnetic field and under the conditions of quantum Hall effect, layered high-transition temperature (high-Tc) cuprate superconductors and related materials, various one-dimensional systems (self-organized quasi-1D systems like stripes in cuprates, chiral edge channels in quantum Hall samples, quasi-one-dimensional organics, carbon nanotubes, etc), ``zero''-dimensional systems (quantum dots, tunneling junctions, Kondo spins, etc).

This field is an active, mathematically advanced, intellectually-gratifying area of research on the very frontier of science, competitive and extremely attractive to aspiring scientists. It rapidly gains in importance because of the interest in novel materials with unusual properties, as a natural result of the technological development towards nano-scale electronics, and in relation to the quantum computing effort.


Ph.D. 1996, Stanford University


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