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Marc Bockrath

Marc Bockrath

Associate Professor

Department of Physics & Astronomony
Physics 3005
(951) 827-5331

Research Areas

  • Experimental condensed matter physics

My research interests lie in the field of electronics and mechanics of systems that have critical dimensions on the nanometer scale. Such length scales approach the atomic scale and the ultimate limit to miniaturization. Examples of such systems include carbon nanotubes and individual molecules, but can in general be any nanostructured material created by chemical or biological synthesis.

Current interests include both understanding the new and interesting transport phenomena that arise in these nanostructured materials, and learning how to control and detect their mechanical motion. Potential applications include nano-scale switches, logic gates, and chemical, biological, and mechanical sensors.


Ph.D., 1999, University of California, Berkeley


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  • Sloan Research Fellowship (2006)
  • ONR Young Investigator Award (2005)


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  2. "Observation of a Mott Insulating State in Ultra-Clean Carbon Nanotubes," V. V. Deshpande, B. Chandra, R. Caldwell, D. Novikov, J. Hone, M. Bockrath, Science 323, 106 (2009).
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  4. "Graphene-based Atomic Scale Switches," B. Standley, W. Bao, H. Zhang, J. Bruck, C. N. Lau, M. Bockrath, Nano Letters 8, 3345 (2008).
  5. "The One-Dimensional Wigner Crystal in Carbon Nanotubes," V. V. Deshpande, M. Bockrath, Nature Physics 4, 314 (2008).

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