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David Brady

David Brady

Professor of Public Policy

School of Public Policy
4151 Interdisciplinary South
(951) 827-5573

Research Areas

  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Social Policy
  • Politics and Institutions
  • Globalization and Development
  • Work and Labor
  • Research Methods


  • Ph.D. Sociology and Public Affairs, Indiana University, 2001
  • M.A. Sociology, Indiana University, 1997
  • B.A. Sociology with minor in Political Science, Cum Laude, University of Minnesota, 1994


David Brady is Professor in the School of Public Policy and Director of the Blum Initiative on Global and Regional Poverty at UCR. He teaches classes in quantitative methods, poverty, inequality, and social policy. He investigates a variety of research questions related to poverty/inequality, comparative political economy, social policy, politics, health/healthcare, globalization/development, and work/labor.


Selected Publications:

Brady, David, Monica Biradavolu, and Kim M. Blankenship. Forthcoming. "Brokers and the Earnings of Female Sex Workers in India." American Sociological Review.

Brady, David/Bostic, Amie (2015): "Paradoxes of Social Policy. Welfare Transfers, Relative Poverty, and Redistribution Preferences". In: American Sociological Review, Vol. 80, No. 2, S. 268-298.

Brady, David/Finnigan, Ryan (2014): "Does Immigration Undermine Public Support for Social Policy?". In: American Sociological Review, Vol. 79, No. 1, S. 17-42.

Brady, David/Baker, Regina S./Finnigan, Ryan (2013): "When Unionization Disappears. State-Level Unionization and Working Poverty in the United States". In: American Sociological Review, Vol. 78, No. 5, S. 872-896. (Vorab online publiziert 30. August 2013)

Brady, David (2009):  Rich Democracies, Poor People: How Politics Explain Poverty  New York: Oxford University Press.

Martin, Nathan and David Brady (equal coauthorship, listed reverse alphabetically) (2007):“Workers of the Less Developed World Unite? A Multi-Level Analysis of Unionization in Less Developed Countries.”  American Sociological Review 72: 562-584.

Brady, David, Jason Beckfield, and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (2005): “Economic Globalization and the Welfare State in Affluent Democracies, 1975-2001” American Sociological Review70: 921-948.


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