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Ken Baerenklau

Ken Baerenklau

Associate Professor

School of Public Policy
4139 Interdisciplinary South
(951) 827-2628

Research Areas

  • Water resource economics
  • Non-market valuation
  • Non-point source pollution control
  • Mathematical and statistical programming
  • Conservation technology adoption


  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2002
  • M.S. Stanford University, 1995
  • B.S. Stanford University, 1993


Ken Baerenklau is an Associate Professor of Environmental Economics & Policy in the School of Public Policy and the Associate Provost at UC Riverside. He is also a Cooperating Faculty Member in the Departments of Economics and Environmental Sciences and an Adjunct Fellow in the Water Policy Center at the Public Policy Institute of California. He is currently an Associate Editor at Water Resources Research and has served on the editorial boards for Land Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, and Water Economics and Policy. He also served as the Associate Dean for Graduate Academic Affairs for UC Riverside from 2008-2012. Dr. Baerenklau has sixteen years of professional experience working on a variety of environmental policy issues including several related to water resource management. Representative projects include: policies for reducing nutrient emissions from agricultural operations; incentives to promote decentralized urban storm water capture; optimal long-term use of groundwater basins subject to salinization; effects of water quality degradation on outdoor recreation; demand and welfare effects of allocation-based water rates; assessment of drought impacts on California’s urban water suppliers; and other projects related to urban water pricing and conservation incentives. Dr. Baerenklau holds Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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Selected Publications

  • Zhang, B., K.H. Fang, and K.A. Baerenklau 2017. “Have Chinese water pricing reforms reduced urban residential water demand?”  Water Resources Research  53: 5057-5069. doi:10.1002/2017WR020463.
  • Sanchez, J., K.A. Baerenklau, and A. Gonzalez-Caban. 2016. “Valuing hypothetical wildfire impacts with a Kuhn-Tucker model of recreation demand.”  Forest Policy and Economics  71: 63-70.
  • Baerenklau, K.A., T.P. Tomich, S. Daroub, V.R. Haden, C. Kling, T. Lang, C.-Y. Lin, C. Mitterhofer, D. Parker, T. Rosenstock, K. Schwabe, and J. Wang. 2016. “Responses: Policies and Institutions.” Chapter 8 in  The California Nitrogen Assessment , T.P. Tomich, S.B. Brodt, R.A. Dahlgren and K.M. Scow (eds.). University of California Press.
  • Marcos-Martinez, R., and K.A. Baerenklau. 2015. “Controlling for Misclassified Land Use Data: a Post-Classification Latent Multinomial Approach.”  Remote Sensing of Environment  170: 203-215.
  • Baerenklau, K.A., and J. Wang. “Model-Based Regulation of Nonpoint Source Pollution.” Forthcoming in Handbook of Water Economics , A. Dinar and K. Schwabe (eds.)

  • Hanak, E., J. Lund, N. Ajamil, K. Baerenklau, J.R. DeShazo, J.D. Saphores, K. Schwabe, D. Sedlak, 2015. “Water for Cities.” In California's Water . San Francisco. Public Policy Institute of California.

  • Schwabe, K.A., K.A. Baerenklau and A. Dinar. 2014. “Coping with Water Scarcity.” Policy Matters 6(1). .

  • Baerenklau, K.A., K.A. Schwabe and A. Dinar. 2014. “Allocation-Based Water Pricing Promotes Conservation while Keeping User Costs Low.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Update 17(6): Jul/Aug. .

  • Wang, J., and K.A. Baerenklau. 2014. “How Inefficient are Nutrient Application Limits? A Dynamic Analysis of Groundwater Nitrate Pollution from CAFOs.” Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy 36(4), doi: 10.1093/aepp/ppu023.

  • Baerenklau, K.A., K.A. Schwabe, and A. Dinar. 2014. “Residential Water Demand Effect of Increasing Block Rate Water Budgets.” Land Economics 90(4): 683-699.

  • Wang, J., and K.A. Baerenklau. 2014. “Crop Response Functions Integrating Water, Nitrogen, and Salinity.” Agricultural Water Management 139:17-30.

  • Knapp, K.C., K.A. Schwabe and K.A. Baerenklau. 2014. “Regional Economics and Management in Closed Drainage Basins.” Chapter 13 in Salinity and Drainage in San Joaquin Valley, California: Science, Technology and Policy , A.C. Chang and D. Brawer Silva (eds.). Springer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

  • Case III, H.L., J. Boles, A. Delgado, T. Nguyen, D. Osugi, D.A. Barnum, D. Decker, S. Steinberg, S. Steinberg, C. Keene, K. White, T. Lupo, S. Gen, K.A. Baerenklau. 2013. “Salton Sea ecosystem monitoring and assessment plan.” U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2013-1133. California Department of Water Resources. 220p.

  • Baerenklau, K.A., Cutter, W.B., A. DeWoody, R. Sharma and J. Lee, 2008. “Capturing Urban Stormwater Runoff: A Decentralized Market-Based Alternative.” Policy Matters 2(3): 1-14. .

  • Cutter, W.B., K.A. Baerenklau, A. DeWoody, R. Sharma, and J. Lee, 2008. “Costs and Benefits of Capturing Urban Runoff with Competitive Bidding for Decentralized BMPs.” Water Resources Research 44, W09410, doi:10.1029/2007WR006343.

  • Baerenklau, K.A., N. Nergis and K. Schwabe, 2008. “Effects of Nutrient Restrictions on Confined Animal Facilities: Insights from a Structural Model.” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 56(2): 219-241.

  • Schwabe, K.A., P.W. Schuhmann, K.A. Baerenklau, and N. Nergis, 2008. “Fundamentals of Estimating the Net Benefits of Ecosystem Preservation: The Case of the Salton Sea.” Hydrobiologia 604: 181-195 . Reprinted in The Salton Sea Centennial Symposium (pp.181-95), S. Hurlbert (ed.). Springer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

  • Knapp, K.C. and K.A. Baerenklau, 2006. “Groundwater Quantity and Quality Management: Agricultural Production and Aquifer Salinization over Long Time Scales.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 31(3): 616-641.


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