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Steven Brint

Steven Brint

Distinguished Professor

Sociology and Public Policy
2144 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-2103

Research Areas

  • Sociology of Higher Education
  • Sociology of Professions
  • Middle-class Politics


  • Ph.D. Harvard University, 1982
  • M.A. Harvard University, 1977
  • B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 1973


Steven Brint is Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Riverside, and the director of the Colleges & Universities 2000 study. He also serves as Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education.

Steven Brint is an organizational sociologist whose current research focuses on topics in the sociology of higher education, the sociology of professions, and middle-class politics. He is the author of three books:The Diverted Dream (with Jerome Karabel) (Oxford University Press, 1989), In an Age of Experts (Princeton University Press, 1994),Schools and Societies (Pine Forge/Sage, 1998, second ed. Stanford University Press 2006). He is the editor of The Future of the City of Intellect (Stanford University Press, 2002). He is the co-editor (with Jean Reith Schroedel) of the two volume series, Evangelicals and Democracy in America (Russell Sage Foundation Press 2009). His articles have appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, Sociological Theory, Minerva, Work and Occupations, Sociology of Education, The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, The Journal of Higher Education, and many other journals. His book, The Diverted Dream, won the American Education Research Association's “Outstanding Book” award of 1991 and the Council of Colleges and Universities' “Outstanding Research Publication” award the same year. His article, “Socialization Messages in Primary Schools: An Organizational Analysis,” (with Mary F. Contreras and Michael T. Matthews) won the American Sociological Association's Willard Waller Award for the best article on education in 2001. His work has been translated into Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.. He was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2008. He is currently at work on a new book,The Ends of Knowledge: Organizational and Cultural Change in U.S. Colleges and Universities, 1980-2012.

A native of Albuquerque, NM, Steven Brint received his B.A. with highest honors in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley and his Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University. He joined the faculty in Sociology at the University of California, Riverside in 1993, after teaching at Yale University from 1985-1992. At UCR, he received the Chancellor's Award for Fostering Undergraduate Research in 2006.


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Organizational Change in American Colleges and Universities

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Brint, Steven, Mark Riddle, and Robert A. Hanneman. 2006. "Reference Sets, Identities, and Aspirations in a Complex Organizational Field: The Case of American Four-Year Colleges and Universities." Sociology of Education 79: 229-252.

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